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Where can I find a Kids Dentist 10461?

Your child’s first visit to the dentist should be a valuable educational experience, and with the care of our kids dentist 10461 you can rest assured that your child receives the friendly, engaging experience she or he deserves. At Kramer and Kramer, we prioritize your child’s emotional well being throughout treatment, alleviating any worry or anxiety throughout the course of care. We focus on a preventive approach, utilizing leading-edge technology and methods, to keep your child’s smile healthy and cavity-free from the start.

Kids Dentist 10461

By the time your child’s first tooth erupts, usually by one year of age, it’s time to consider establishing a partnership with a kids dentist 10461. At the office of Kramer and Kramer, we will teach you how to clean and care for your child’s first teeth and how to prevent pediatric dental problems such as baby bottle tooth decay. As your child gets older, we’ll discuss the importance and responsibilities of maintaining excellent oral hygiene. At every checkup visit, we perform a comprehensive examination, tracking the growth and development of your child’s teeth, gums and their supporting bone structure. With periodic checkups, we can diagnose adverse conditions early on, when they are easiest to treat. Due to lifestyle and dietary habits, children are especially susceptible to developing cavities; in fact, studies show that tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood illness. To prevent cavities, our dentist provides a thorough cleaning, removing plaque buildup from the most difficult to reach crevices of your child’s mouth. We also offer dental sealants once your child’s permanent molars erupt, which seal out plaque and food debris from gathering in the rough biting surfaces of the back teeth. Dental sealants are shown to reduce the risk of cavities in children’s molars by up to 80%. Children also receive periodic fluoride treatments for an added level of protection from decay.

At Kramer and Kramer, we are committed to helping your child enjoy a lifetime of excellent oral health. Our friendly kids dentist 10461 and professional staff keep your child comfortable and relaxed throughout every visit. To learn more about pediatric dental care or to schedule an appointment, call today!

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