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Where can I find a Morris Park dentist?

At Kramer and Kramer Dental, we offer a comprehensive preventive program to help you and your family maintain healthy, beautiful smiles. We recommend periodic teeth cleanings, examinations and oral cancer screenings for all our patients. With state-of-the-art technology and methods, our Morris Park dentist can keep your teeth healthy from the start, and diagnose adverse conditions early on, when they are easiest to treat.

Morris Park dentist

Preventive care involves a daily oral hygiene regimen of brushing and flossing, limiting your intake of sugary foods and periodic teeth cleanings with our Morris Park dentist. These steps help to protect your teeth against the detrimental effects of plaque buildup, which is the leading cause of tooth decay and gum disease. During a professional teeth cleaning, we thoroughly remove plaque, tartar and food debris you may have missed while brushing, and offer guidance on better techniques for cleaning and caring for your teeth at home. Although cavities can occur at any age, due to lifestyle and dietary habits, children are especially susceptible. For extra protection against tooth decay, we offer our pediatric patients dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Dental sealants are protective coatings, painted over the biting surfaces of the permanent molars to seal out plaque, and fluoride is a mineral applied to the surfaces of teeth to strengthen enamel. As part of your or your child’s visit, our dentist examines the teeth, gums and their supporting bone structure, with the use of digital radiography, as needed. With early detection we can provide the most straightforward, gentle and effective treatment.

Our caring, friendly Morris Park dentist and professional staff make preventive visits positive and stress-free. When you visit us at Kramer and Kramer Dental, you can expect the personalized attention and quality treatment your family deserves. To schedule a checkup or to learn more about preventive care, call today.

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